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About BRV

The suburb of Spring Gully is fascinating to explore. Littered with the remnants of the Gold Rush diggings as well as home to one of the first 5 large reservoirs ever to be constructed in Australia – it is a mecca for history buffs and nature lovers alike! Notably, the Spring Gully reservoir, built as early as 1868, sports an earthen wall – 18 m high x 512 m long – well worth researching and investigating.

The land on which the village stands is nestled between the Spring Gully Reservoir and One Tree Hill. Once owned by Mr Reg C Broad of “Francliff Stud”, it was sold in the late 1970’s to developers and was originally managed by the local Bendigo Church of Christ. The periphery streets bear some names of the past, such as Broad Parade and Francliff Avenue . . .

The first plans for the village were drawn in mid-1978. It initially comprised of 68 units, a health care hostel and a hospital. Building commenced during the latter months of 1978 and by 1980, the village housed 10 residents, with another 12 ready to move in.

The Opening of the Village by Sir Henry Bolte

By the March of 1981, 60 units were completed at a cost of approximately $3,000,000. The community centre, office, and medical centre were to be part of the second stage requiring another investment of some $1,500,000. The Community Centre was completed in the succeeding 12 months and the Spring Gully Post Office (which remains an integral part of the village community) was officially opened in the September 1982. In the very same month, on the 12th September 1982, Sir Henry Bolte, a former Premier of Victoria, officially opened the Village as a whole – with great splendour and ceremony.

Another 8 units were added by the beginning of 1983. At this time all the units comprised of one or two bedrooms. The village has continued to expand since its beginnings and now boasts 162 units spanning an area of 18 acres.

The enthusiastic and professional team at the village ensure that it is always beautifully presented, that maintenance is sustained and that it complies with the many rules and regulations under which it operates.

Respect, happiness, contentment, fun, confidence, and security are emphasised for all who live and work at Bendigo Retirement Village – a country community set amidst the gum trees, yet only minutes away from the modern facilities of the substantial city of Bendigo.

Bendigo Retirement Village – Site Plan

The age and history of Bendigo Retirement Village contributes to the rare, wondrous and spacious layout that spans the 18 acres of beautifully planted and manicured gardens, as well as to the many varied unit designs and sizes: